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Every great love is always started from a first look

I love traveling and telling stories from all over the world.

My strong belief in God and Love pushed me to give life to “The Promise”. The Promise are you! Your choices, the details and every thing of that day will speak of you …

I am there to listen, I am there to film!

About me

About 1

Daniele Onorato is an Italian Director.

Born and raised in the beautiful Sicily, he began making films and music videos while still studying Sciences for International Communication currently learning English and Spanish languages.
After obtaining the qualification recognized at European level as Production Expert and Film and Audiovisual Post Production, he directed his first advertising spot for the well-known Fernet Branca liqueur brand, attracting the attention of big companies.

After having founded the ‘Onoratoproduzioni‘, Daniele Onorato works between Milan, Madrid, London, Berlin, Stockholm as creative Director of commercials, music videos and documentaries.

Currently Daniele Onorato works with companies such as Pirelli S.p.a., Metzeler, MCN, Volare, Gufo Italy and others.

I enjoy meeting new people

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